A large proportion of my artwork has been of faces and figures, with a strong fashion illustration flavour. I think skulls make my new artwork more universal to the viewer than some of my previous artworks. I think it makes it more about the whole human race instead of a focus on one individual. As a result, the skull artworks become ambiguous. It doesn't state exactly what the truth is and I like that. Not everyone will agree, it is up to the viewer. 

Sometimes I feel that Fashion Illustration is limited. With the recent skull artwork, I think there is more flexibility... It could be shown in a Fashion Magazine, printed on a t-shirt, or it could also be shown at Art Galleries. By combining the Couture Fashion head pieces with the skulls on a large canvas format, I feel that I am able to keep doing what I enjoy doing without completely changing my identity for the viewer. It is about evolving and adapting with a focus on attracting a larger audience.


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